I’m Elana, a facilitator, theatre maker and teacher. I facilitate bespoke workshops that are tailored to meet your objectives in a fun and creative way, through drama and play! Be sure to get in contact if you’re looking for a dynamic way to deliver your material!

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Why Drama?

Drama is a creative outlet that invites self-expression and inspires resilience. Its dynamic nature means that it can be shaped to deliver your material in an explorative way that is enriching, never boring, and embodied.

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The benefits that drama have are many, some of which are individual, interpersonal, and social. Applied theatre, the use of drama in non-conventional theatre settings, draws upon drama as a way to illicit this social change. This statement from Lai-Shan Ho and Barbara Ridley in their article Evaluating Drama in Education Through the Capability Approach brilliantly summarizes its unique benefits:

“Drama pedagogy can encourage active learning, develop higher-order thinking skills and improve imagination (e.g. Howard-Jones, Winfield and Crimmin, 2009). It involves group work, negotiation and discussion, enhancing social skills (Bolton 1985). Dorothy Heathcote defines process drama as particularly suitable to explore feelings, motivations and perspectives, and to provide the conditions where students can try out someone else’s shoes (Heathcote and Bolton 1995). This is part of the experience of empathy, and engaging in dramatic roles and situations helps to develop a perspective on the world, to understand or at least struggle with the perspectives of others to move towards a sense of social justice and equity.” – Ho & Ridley, 2015, p. 137

The exercises, games and activities that my workshops deliver are designed to intersect fun and experiential learning. They target specific outcomes and are always accessible, inclusive, and achieve the outcomes in the best way possible: with fun!


Elana Shyong is an applied theatre facilitator, musical theatre director, and educator.

Growing up as a Taiwanese-American within the colorful cacophony of Shanghai, China, I was immersed within the extraordinary world of everyday theatre. I found all around me unapologetic diversity, transcendent storytelling, and the importance of community. For me, theatre is less about performing on stage and more about the transformation it can make within people and within spaces. The theatre that resonates the most with is the kind that takes place in people and their own individual growth. Throughout my practice, I have had the opportunity to witness voices heard, identity established, and confidence grown. I have seen firsthand how applied theatre and play can positively benefit an individual, a company, or a community. And it’s that very growth that I would like to share with you.

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“Elana has a vibrant and inclusive personality; her involvement accentuates a genuine desire to contribute fully.”

– Educator, International School of Düsseldorf

“Thank you for creating such a warm and engaged social space for the tenants, they clearly enjoy your company and your sessions.”

– Management Team, Homes for Haringey

“I liked how interactive the workshop was. The workshop leaders were very engaging and made the students feel at ease.”

– Teacher, International Community School