Galileo LXP – Speaking with Confidence

I am currently running a Speaking with Confidence project with Galileo, an innovative online global school. In this project, I am delivering four different sessions across three different time zones. The students attending this course are located around the world and together we embark on fun activities, silly games, and thought-provoking exercises that culminate in a final project, all to support the development of their public speaking skills.

Magic Beans Monologue Classes

My monologue project is a series of 5 classes (online or in person) that culminates in a one minute monologue. Magic Beans, an ESL Learning Centre, worked with me on this project to expose their students to a more dynamic way of language acquisition. This project is fantastic because students have the autonomy to choose a text they are truly interested in, and we use dramatic theory, character analysis, and different types of confidence and public speaking skill-building to co-create a piece of performance. Check out my introduction to the projects for the parents before their showcase!

Ouch Theatre

Ouch Theatre is a company based in Nanjing, China that delivers drama application for enterprise training. Their community consists of teachers of varying disciples, principals of schools, government workers, and business owners/employees. Throughout this year, I delivered multiple online workshops with them on topics such as Community Building, Devising Performance Online, and Abusive Relationship Awareness Training.

Chiapei Elementary School

Throughout the course of the year, I worked with Chiabei Elementary School in Chiayi, Taiwan to develop, direct, and deliver a theatre in education production loosely based on The King and I. This was the students’ first experience with drama and musical theatre, so we worked with them during classes on foundational performance skills that include public speaking, confident performance, and character building.

The All Together Now Project

The All Together Now Project is a project that was introduced by Tramshed to provide free weekly one-off arts sessions via Youtube Live. Every week from the winter to the spring in 2021, artists from different disciplines are invited to facilitate arts sessions for the Tramshed and wider international community. I facilitated a session on storytelling and origami making called Our 1,000 Paper Crane Wish where I showed participants how to make their own paper crane while also weaving storytelling, movement, and creativity into the session. You can find the activity sheet for this workshop here.

Company 3’s Coronavirus Time Capsule Project

The Coronavirus Time Capsule is a new project by Company Three. Every week they – and more than a hundred groups of teenagers across the world – create new videos giving an insight into young people’s experience of lockdown. My role was as Research Assistant, evaluating the project with two different youth theatre companies, Glass Umbrella Theatre Company and Turrets Youth Theatre. My research fed back into a comprehensive evaluation report that is now being used by Company 3 an is currently in the editing stages of a journal article.

The Nomi Project

The Nomi Project is a free interactive puppet making project available for Key Stage One students and schools. This project was designed alongside the British national curriculum as a project for teachers to complete virtually with their students. We decided to take action and design a project that can bring that delight and wonder back into our own homes during the trying Covid-19 times. It works with storytelling, individual and collective creativity, and finding the beauty in every day life. The design and realization of the project is flexible and can be adapted according to each schools’ needs.

Camden Positivity Project

Camden Positivity Project is a project that was created to bring happiness and positivity to the borough of Camden during the unprecedented Covid-19 time. We created a social media outlet where people could share positivity, placed haiku poems and croqueted rainbows around the neighborhood, and facilitated a community thank you letter to the NHS. We were nominated for the Universities UK campaign celebrating “the national effort in the fight against covid-19, their local communities, and each other” and were also featured in the Camden New Journal, check out the article here.

Together Project

The Together Project is an initiative started by Homes for Haringey in London, England, where we work together through the arts to reduce isolation and support the well-being of older people and people living with dementia in supporting housing.

Le Ran Performing Arts Centre

Le Ran Performing Arts Center is a community performing arts center in Shanghai, China that focuses on drama education for emerging young artists. Students at this centre learn components of musical theatre and drama alongside dynamic skills that will enrich both themselves as a performer and themselves in the world. 

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